Corporate Transportation Services

Cooper Limo services want to make your meetings and business visits a very special one. Our Black Sedan and our other fleets make your transportation stress-free. Our services are 24/7 ready for all kinds of corporate trips. The Pick & drop of your business partners and customers, Airport transfers, business meals, corporate conferences and seminars, product launch ceremonies.


Selecting a corporate transportation service is a decision that requires careful consideration. Not only do you want to ensure that the service aligns with your company’s budget, but you also want to ensure that the service is an adequate reflection of your company.


Whether making arrangements for client or executive travel, the car, the driver and the level of service should all reflect your company’s standards. When selecting an executive limousine service for your organization, there are four key factors that should be considered: quality of fleet, professionalism of the chauffeurs, level of service and reliability.


Cooper Limo has A+ Quality Fleet !


If you want to be perceived as an industry leader, it’s important to select a corporate chauffeur service with a fleet of vehicles that reflect the best the industry has to offer. Our fine fleet includes only late-model luxury brands, including Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes and Chevy SUV’s. Each vehicle is well-maintained and cleaned frequently. With an abundance of fine automobiles in the stable, we’re ready to serve anyone in your organization anytime in the Tri-State area we can also make arrangements with our affiliates to provide you with further transportation in any other location in the world.


Prompt, Professional Chauffeurs Who Take Pride In Their Level of Service


The professionalism of Cooper Limos’ chauffeurs is of the utmost importance. Drivers are on the front line in this industry. They’re the people who provide the actual service clients are paying for. – therefore, chauffeurs are he face of any limo firm. It doesn’t matter what rules head office puts in place, or what is claimed in advertising. If the drivers are not truly representative of the standards set by the company, nothing else matters.


We start by hiring only the best drivers and then we provide all the support they require. Our chauffeurs undergo extensive training to ensure safety, competence, friendliness and courtesy. Our drivers understand the importance of catering to clients and delivering VIP service every time.


Additionally, all of our drivers know the entire Philadelphia, Southern New-Jersey Tri-State area well – so you’ll never have to worry about any excessive delays, because there is always a workaround.


Service is Everything


If your corporate culture is to go above and beyond for your clients, it only makes sense to choose a ground transportation service like Cooper Limo, we share the same values. From our drivers to our dispatch and management team, we are committed to providing a higher level or service. We like to think of it as “business-class” service and it’s something we provide 24/7.


Reliability You Can Count On


Philadelphia is one of the country’s busiest cities. Any number of contingencies could negatively impact a booking. But we’ve got you covered. Whether traveling to the PHL airport, or transporting a client across town to an important business meeting, our chauffeurs monitor weather and traffic patterns constantly. They also work closely with our dispatch team to plan multiple routes to ensure on-time arrival – every single time. the bottom line is… you never have to worry.


Searching for a corporate transportation company to meet your needs and exceed your expectations? Give the Cooper Limo team a call today to learn more. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and ease any concerns you might have. Once call can help make your decision a whole lot easier.

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